Care, Compassion, and Companionship

Companion Care

  • Friendship –We like to introduce ourselves as “new friends” rather than caregivers to our clients.
  • Food Preparation- We will prepare meals for your loved one, and leave simple meals that are easy for the client to heat up.

  • Light housekeeping- Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, changing bed sheets, etc.

  • Stimulating activities- Card playing, arts and crafts, AWG scavenger hunts and LOTS more

  • Holiday activities- Activities at nearby senior centers, fun decorating activities around the holidays. 

  • Outdoor Activities- Fun scavenger hunts, taking walks, concerts in the park, movies 

  • Transportation- Doctor appts, grocery shopping, hair salon etc. 

Hospice Assistance

  • Individual care plans- We meet with each family and customize a care plan for each individual to make things easier for both client and family.

  • Dressing assistance- We assist clients with dressing in the morning and into their pj’s in the evening.

  • Bathing assistance- Assistance with showers and bathing, oral care, shaving, hair care.

  • Stand by safety assistance- We are always there for safety assistance and are educated on what to do should a fall occur.

  • Medication reminders- Reminding our clients to take their medications, and see if refills are needed.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Our caregivers are able to care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s / dementia care through training and first hand experience.

Alzheimer’s Communication

1.   Never argue, instead agree
2.   Never reason, instead divert
3.   Never shame, instead distract
4.   Never lecture, instead reassure
5.   Never say “remember”, instead reminisce
6.   Never say “I told you”, instead repeat
7.   Never say “you can’t”, instead do what they can
8.   Never command/demand, instead ask
9.   Never condescend, instead encourage
10. Never force, instead reinforce

We are a local business serving the following counties:


Oakland County

Livingston County

Northwestern Wayne County

Irv celebrating his 90th birthday with Mary Grace, Lynn and his caregiver and friend, Megan.